Robo-Sumo Prep

Ffennel/Skills Festival Day 1
17th June 2014
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Captains Log Stardate 201406.02 through 201406.12 as the hustle and bustle of the new term kicked off with some resounding roars as across the school as we engaged in Robo-Sumo

In preparedness for the 1st Oxford Brookes Robo-Sumo Basho Tournament, groups have been invited in to attend all classes in a bid to increase cross-collaboration and information sharing. Cadets are seeing how other groups interact with each other. They will take that information back to their group and share the results and aid growth.

Using our standard Sumo bot aka “Domabot in disguise” we tested torque and grip using various different techniques we discovered the pros and cons of tyres, grip, speed and power.
In pairs cadets configured different wheel combos then raced, pushed and spun sessions in to a mass of data gathering group analysis, bundled up and hidden under the cloak of fun.

2 weeks of research will now be channelled in to a frenzy of design as we’ve discussed and understood

“Function Follows Form”

With only 2 weeks left to perfect our bots will the teams hold out can the spirit bind them in to a coherent cohesive collective? Watch this space.

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