Ffennel/Skills Festival Day 1

Captains Log Stardate 201406.13 Day 1 of Ffennel Festival aka Skills Festival held at the amazing location of Hill End, Farmoor Oxford.

On this glorious day and a plethora of fun and engaging skills were organized by Rob from Engineeringyourfuture.com, Rob had gathered some quality stands across the skills board from ancient stone age village to robotics, arts and crafts to construction. No talks no fuss just HANDS ON! fun.

Students from schools across Oxfordshire gathered and were in for a treat the sun was smiling on this event and the mood was good.

Robotscool had prepared 3 Areas for kids to engage in

Area 49Sumo – Programming autonomous robots to battle it out in the Ring of Power.
Area 50Tug of War – Modification with Robot vs Robot Head2Head Tyres weight and power.
Area 51 Chicken Run – Problem Solving and Teamwork with a lead build.

The flow was to concurrently run Areas 49 and 50 and swap after 15 mins once both groups had done both sessions we then made our way collectively to Area 51 ….

Group 1 lined up and got in to the swing of it immediately a little unsure at first but within 5 mins the heads were down HANDS were ON and the tension was rising, programming and modifying their way through a cognitive process of iteration. Next over to AREA 51 for a group lead build and the problem solving which with a little our of the box thinking challenge DONE!
“You guys are AMAZING were the kind words of the teacher accompanying this group. Thank You your kids were kind, polite and a credit to your school.

Group 2 same format smaller group this time but these girls were no less enthusiastic than the last in fact MORE so as the teachers asked them to ‘quite down’ you can’t contain genuine enthusiasm for learning the programming was taken up like naturals the modification like a well oiled F1 team in the pits. Then over to AREA 51 for the crescendo, heads scratched thoughtful expressions shown but some cunning solutions found.
“The quality of stuff this year is incredible” was a comment of a thoughtful teacher watching over the events in action

Group 3 Robotscool being put to the test we had a group of 24, 4 & 5 year olds. WHAT I hear you cry can kids that young PROGRAM? MODIFY? PROBLEM SOLVE? Well what seems impossible is a challenge a miracle we need to anaylize which was this to be….. Standard procedure 2 groups AREA 49 & 50.
AREA49 – Programming; a snap (or touch).
AREA 50 – Modification; a breeze
AREA 51 – Problem Solving & Teamwork; job done.
With a little extra time on their hands we let them have a free for all choosing which ever AREA they like to do again.
Some generous “Thank you” from the teachers they skipped off to their bus

All groups left with worksheets to do some follow up work in the classroom and hopfully we will be seeing some you again soon.

Kirk Out!


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