Ffennell/Skills Festival Day 2

Ffennel/Skills Festival Day 1
17th June 2014
Robo Sumo Prep Week 2
20th June 2014
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Captains Log Stardate 201406.14 Day 2 of Ffennel Festival aka Skills Festival held at the amazing location of Hill End, Farmoor Oxford.
Another plethora of fun and engaging skills were organized by Rob from Engineeringyourfuture.com, Rob had gathered even more quality stands across the skills board from ancient stone age village to robotics, arts and crafts to cart construction. No talks no fuss just HANDS ON! Fun. DAY 2

Open to the public!! A chance for people from far and wide to come down and see what was going on. After a HUGE lighting storm and down pour during the night would they come? In the morning it looked cloudy and overcast a stark contrast to Friday.

It was a very slow start many were focused on the down hill racing, building and testing the carts ready for the race.

As the morning went on the clouds started to clear a little and more people started to filter thorough and the stands started to get busier. But suddenly the heavens opened and biblical rain fell, although it ended as quickly as it stared a few drowned souls gathered round the tents and a few happy kids danced in the rain.
People from all walks of life gathered to see the colourful AREA 49 50 & 51 that was a feast for the eyes, all that decided to ‘Have a Go!’ left with smiles on the faces and the usual
“Can I take the robots home?”
from the eager souls wanting to play with it at home. As the day went on the weather got better and better and towards the end more and more people showed up and enjoyed all the HANDS ON stalls and stands that were spread out across the Hill.

Thanks to Rob at engineeringyourfuture.com and all his army of volunteers, Selby’s Hill End crew and Active Oxford for throwing another fantastic event. If you came spread the word about Hill EndChicken Run001 Chicken Run 002 Tug-of-War 001 Sumo Programming 001 Area 51 Sumo Programming 002 Chicken Run 003 Tug of War 002 Tug of War 003 and Ffennel festival and get you kids schools there next year, it will truly be worth it. Also another thanks to the other vendors there whose happy mood and enthusiasm made the event a pleasure to attend. And of course to tall the parents who were dragged out on a cloudy day, your efforts were rewarded by bringing out the sun.

See you all next year

Kirk Out!

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