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OYAP and Robotscool
2nd August 2014
OYAP & The Studio Bicester
29th August 2014
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Captains Log Stardate 201408.08 at approx 11am local time cadets gathered at the New Futures Centre, Banbury Intervention Hub.

A fun day of hands-on engaging activities were lined up, but to kick off the days fun we started off by making our own little ‘Legotars‘ (Lego Avatars).

Banbury011  @robotskool







Once done we then introduced ourselves using our avatars check them out below.

Next we moved on to the ‘Chicken Run’ as Kirk lead the build cadets followed, as quick as a flash the basic models were complete and the cadets were ready for the problem solving challenge. Who was the bravest of the Chickens????

Banbury009 Banbury008 Banbury007 Banbury006

















A couple of cheese & ham rolls, juice and a large helping of Jaffa cakes later we were ready for the third activity in the plan


Phase 1 – We discussed the complexities of the sport then selected our models, added wheels, connected cables and downloaded programs and then had a few rounds of battles to investigate the dynamics.
Phase 2 – Modifications and tweaks, a plethora of parts were laid out and cadets beavered away to complete a fully operational awe inspiring robot.

Battles ensued testing and improving their robots as we progressed skills and understanding improved and battles got tighter and tighter.

Banbury002 Banbury003 Banbury004 Banbury005

















Sadly the clock neared 4 and time was up and as the cadets shuffled off in to the sunset we promised to be back next week and crack on with another enthralling episode of ROBOTSCOOL

Kirk Out!

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