OYAP & The Studio Bicester

Banbury Intervention Hub & Robotscool
9th August 2014
Mars Rover – Chalgrove 01
11th September 2014
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Captains Log Stardate 201408.18-19 returning to a previous location to cries of ‘Help us Capt’n Kirk your our only hope…..”

Previous encounter with OYAP at The Studio in Bicester ensued in a mad 2 days of Robo-Sports based workshops, where scream, sweat and tears of joy were bout out. This time armed with the theme of ‘Star Wars’ ‘Engage the assembled cadets we must!’


As the convergence in the force echoed through Bicester, we started out with our recent addition to the mind kit ‘Legotar.’ Naturally packed to the hilt with Troopers, Siths, Jedis, Wookies & Droids. Cadets busily remade themselves in the best Star Wars character they could and introduced their pseudo-selves.

The build of a geared mechanism of unknown completion took shape. We nicknamed this the ‘Goldilocks Build’ not too hard not too easy; JUST RIGHT! Finally 4 legs were added and the simplistic walker was ready,
“Ready for the creativity we are?” they cried
“But the burden of planning, you are not!” was the cryptic answer.
Cadets chatted discussed and built as their ideas took shape. Kirk on hand to lend a sympathetic ear to the building woes but as the prime directive orders “NO INTERFERENCE with the progression of a fledgling mind.”

Day 2

Eager cadets forced their way through the doors early, fingers itchin’ and a Promethean fire a kindle. Let’s give em something to scratch. As the “Goldilocks Build” progressed, “Comprehend Cadets they did ….
“Is it… a a a … BLASTER?”
“Correct the Cadets are. Now a gallery for shooting create we should. Sharp shooter find we MUST!”
Next a shooting gallery was formed, complete with goodies and baddies. If we need it we make! Necessity is the mother of all creation.
Blaster … CHECK
Shooting gallery … CHECK
Score board … CHECK
Excited cadets … CHECK
After 3 rounds of 10 shots the tally was counted and the winner was clear a sharp shooter of EPIC proportions was announced.
SO whats next…. hmm 4 legged walker, blasters, goodies, baddies heaps of lego hmmm.

“Full of the positive energy, were they, learned they had become. The joy of a young mind inspired, achieved it was.”

This is the Nebula Zone where stars are born and new life is given roots.


Kirk Out!

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