Mars Rover Week 2 – ALL

Mars Rover – Cadmore End 01
11th September 2014
Mars Rover Week 3 – ALL
29th September 2014
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Captains Log Stardate 201409.06-20 the Enterprise having been disabled in an ambush from a Kawazaki 1500 2 wheeled attack vessel CASUALTIES 0 on both sides. The shuttle craft was then taken out in an electrical storm disabling the starter booster has laid waste to our plans to carry out our exploration.
Severely crippled and floating in space we finally got the booster realigned and the shuttle made its way to the nearest space port for repairs allowing a repair crew to get the Enterprise back in for a re-modelling. At present we are using a prototype model with a new dilithium crystal chamber which reaches maximum warp in next to no time.
However we have managed to reach a few classes this week and continued on with our mission to take a rover to Mars this week we will let the pictures do the taking


This week we are back and running at full capacity

Kirk Out!

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