Mars Rover Week 3 – ALL

Mars Rover Week 2 – ALL
22nd September 2014
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6th November 2014
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Captains Log Stardates 201409.22 – 27 cadets are on fire this week a mass of positive energy is flowing.

4 Clubs; 7 Rovers; 30 Cadets

Have all made great leaps towards completion of their MARS ROVER.

To speed up the process I have carefully and deliberately helped cadets share lessons learnt between groups, check designs, compare rovers & contemplate to access the skill of collaboration.

This process of discovery & experimentation has helped cadets hone their models quite rapidly. On Saturday a whirlwind of testing ensued and groups reached a consensus that the configuration of the motors hinders the mobility of the rover. Upon comparison many a groups have opted for the same configuration this is easily remedied.

Challenge for the coming week is “Finalize the structure & design” then to the last Tyres? Tracks? Or Legs?

Chalgrove Community Primary School

Cadmore End

Kennington Club

Star Class

Some Video

Kirk Out!


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