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Captains Log Stardate 201411.5 as the end of the warm spell cools off to frosty mornings the enterprise Robotscool is entering the final stretch for 2014 with a revisit to the world of Robo-sumo.

What’s up in the trenches

This final 2014 term teams will re-visits Robo-Sumo and battle hardened cadets will initiate the newer cadets in the mystery of robotic autonomy. They will impart their knowledge in a demonstration of learning and lead teams to completion of the basics within 2 weeks. This will allow plenty of time for the creative juices to flow so that their robot will be as hard as a coffin nail and as cool as a cat ready for ROBOTSCOOL’s “Santa’s Sumo Sleigh.”

Where’s this going to happen?

We are at present on the case and hunting down a suitable venue in which to hold our end of year OPEN tournament. A few are on the short list but I will be beaming through our stargate to these venues over the next 2 weeks to see which can hold the enthusiasm. We are aiming for Sunday 21st December 10am to 4pm.Do you know somewhere?

How much is it going to cost?

We are also on the look out for Sponsorship for this event so if you know any one or any company which thinks helping kids to learn STEM based Hard Skills or Social Skills is a worthy cause then point them in our direction. They can sponsor a team (£10 to £30) or an aspect of the event.(from £50 to £2000) Budgets large or small welcomed. Click here to mail me any info you might have. You can even enter your own team if you wish full details of entry will be released soon watch this space.

What can I do to help?

What can you bring to the event? We are a collaborative effort we are looking for people who wish to get behind this project and push it forward not for me not for you but the Cadets that wish to learn and have an intrinsic motivation to succeed.

Call to action

In short :-

Do you know a great venue?

Do you know someone or are you someone able to invest cash in to a genuine movement?

Do you think the “Same is Lame” in the world or education?

Do you have or know a Mindstorms kit that needs unleashing?

Do you know a team or are you a team wanting to enter?

Do you have something to contribute?

if you answered in the affirmative with any of the above then take action NOW

More information will be released on Monday regarding entry rules and prices.

Kirk Out!

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