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17th November 2014
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What’s in it for …..


21st December at Unipart House a demonstration of learning’s best laid plan needs a backup plan. This is the backup plan a CALL TO ACTION but first some ground work. The event information is to be found here.
Right, what’s in it for ….

What’s in it for the community?

It’s Christmas time and family is important and we have tried to bring all members together to enjoy some warm festive fun in a happy competitive atmosphere where we can share some cheers and tears and reward the achievements of all with the special ones we love around us to help. Community is a form of collaboration read here about Robotscools ideas on collaboration

What’s in it for the competitors?

They have spent the last few weeks hammering away at making super awesome robots and now its there chance to show it off. Which kids doesn’t need these following comments
“That’s Great!”
“Did you do that”
“Good job”
“I wouldn’t know where to start”
Most competitors are aged 7 to 14 remember all those fantastic phrases that parents, grand-parents and teachers used to give you to encourage you and help you feel good about yourself well the more people the more praise the higher the spirits. So engage with them ask them questions and give them feedback. Food is not the only source of nourishment (start at 9.31)

What’s in it for Robotscool?

First off my kids are taking part and I love to help them help themselves. We have a professional obligation to be the absolute best we can, for he sake of our cadets, but not only that its actually our moral obligation to raise up these cadets encourage them to be the absolute best they can be for all of our collective futures. We are purposeful and our mission has meaning.

What’s in it for you?

Community driven learning through demonstration gives pupils the status of ambassadors for learning. They become thoughtful, self-directed and long learners,ready for the day they leave school and ultimately assets to their communities. Plus all the other stuff written above. This is a group that’s now being set up in Oxford see what they have to say


We need 2 things.

  1. First Entertainment, we are looking for a local dance group or entertainers to help us fill in 2 time slots of 10 mins each at 1pm and 3 pm. A sumo/ wrestling/ competitive theme we have costumes etc if needed.
    1. Think you can help event@robotscool.com
  2. Secondly Sponsorship, our previous sponsor has had to pull out last minute and we are now left with a gap that budget gap is £300 its not a lot to some but a lot to others. This money will be used to pay for the venue “Unipart Hose, Cowley” and pay staff.
    1. Think you can help event@robotscool.com


Kirk Out!

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