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What’s in it for …..
15th December 2014
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9th March 2015
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The Blogticle 1

The Blogticle “How Do We Do It?”

During a discussion the other day, I was telling a friend about my work (he asked) and I said that I often find myself writing articles about the cadets (when I get time) and their wonderful achievements, both highs and lows. This allows parents, cadets and any other interested parties to have a quick look and see what’s going on; a kind of social accountability. He was listening intently, then said.

“You know what, I think no-one else knows about this side of you business”

To which I pipped up “It’s not about me it’s about THEM and THEIR achievements, I’m the lucky one who shares in the journey.”

“Okay I get it I see that in most of your Social Media and it’s wonderful but what you just told me is amazing” he re-torts (I’m blushing whilst typing this)

“To me it’s obvious isn’t everyone doing this?” I quipped back

“I don’t think so or else I’d have read about it, right?”

The conversation continued and after a few hours we went on our paths home. Next day I was sitting down had a reflective moment and I decided to take his advise (grrr) give his theory about my theory a bash, even if was only to shut him up and prove my point that “Everybody knows that!” So in my own time I’m going to write a series of articles entitled

“How Do We ……?”

I thought the best way to end this short blog err article (hang on I’ll get it) was to use my own style (yes I know I haven’t got any style) make my own style by ending each blog by posing a question that leads in to the next “Blogticle” (oo I like the sound of that) and start a conversation .

This Professional Changing Question which flipped my outlook on my profession was

“How is this best learnt?”

Please wade in with comments or thoughts about my question or if the critic in you beckons about writing style interest level please don’t be nasty. IF you wish to ask me a specific question based on the theme of “How Do We …?” don’t be shy.

And so my journey of a thousand blogticles (the more I say it the more I like it) has began with this single page. Thus we move on to Blogticle 2.



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