The Blogticle 2 “In the beginning…”

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23rd February 2015
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14th April 2015
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The Blogticle 2 “In the beginning…”

After the first Blogticle I was thinking AGAIN, before I get in to the big questions, I think I’d better start at the beginning and not in a David Copperfield way, but back to late 1997

After a long and most excellent journey I arrived, at the beginning of a Japanese autumn and the longest holiday I’d ever planned. I never knew it would last 15 years. As I stepped out of the plane on to the tarmac at Narita airport, I was hit by an intense heat and wall of humidity.

“Talk about the opposite of UK weather” raced through my mind, not long after that my ESL (English as Second Language) teacher life began.

Being employed by Jack Jones I spread myself far and wide. Schools of all shapes and sizes. I taught toddlers, kids, teenagers, parents grand parents and great grandparents, and that takes some kind of mental juggling to be able to engage such a wide demographic of people in the same subject ask any ESL teacher they will know what I mean. If your not creative you aren’t earning money. That’s where I coined the phrase “Teacher-tainer”

During that time (took about 7 years of 5 hours a day) I achieved a lifelong ambition & had became a teacher of martial arts. Learning how to become a Samurai, do a 10 man back-2-back fight, enter national tournaments, accept 2 2nd degree black belts was thrilling to say the least. The most important lesson through all the martial arts I did was three fold, Discipline, Control & Humility.

In tandem to that I had discovered that my early years of computing investigation was of great use to me in my work and in earning a little bit of extra pocket money. Fixing and teaching people how to use PC’s. In 2001 I built my first computer and installed my first Linux OS, from there I built & hosted websites for a small portfolio of clients.

As if they didn’t keep me busy enough I had found myself deep in philosophy. Looking for a purpose to my life. I guess marriage and kids does that to even the heartiest of men

Then around 2007 I met Chuck. Chuck was in a similar situation as myself with regards to family and business so a synergy was there. As the world economies started to collapse we got talking. We had seen the lay of the land in work technology and schools and knew its time for something new, fresh & different (Chuck has a keen mind someone I could really bounce ideas off) and “It’s got to be “AWESOME”, as we want it for our own kids.

As responsible parents if we didn’t take action NOW to prepare our children for this unimaginable future then we would be ultimately responsible if our kids fail, NOT AN OPTION.

2009 the opening day of Chucks Indian restaurant More (and my most favourite), fortuitously right next door to my English School in Japan. We all gathered round a table after a hard days raised a glass to toast. “Otsukaresamadeshita, KANPAI!” (Cheers) as the sound of the glasses clinked, it echoed through the fabric of time-space I was lost deep in a rabbit hole of mixed emotion ending in a warm glow where the feeling held (by the way I hadn’t touched my drink yet) I was there in this sensation for what felt like an age, I looked up caught chucks eye leaned across the table and said

“I don’t know what IT is but but we destined for something profound” and so the ball was set a rolling.

This nurturing of ideas took quite some time to develop but after a lot of research and time the question was raised

“How is this best learnt?” Blogticle 3


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