Blogticle 3 “How is this best learnt?”

The Blogticle 2 “In the beginning…”
9th March 2015
Professor Of Lego
4th November 2015
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Blogticle 3 “How is this best learnt?”

Blogticle 3 “How is this best learnt?”

Blogticle 1 “How we do it?” Blogticle 2 “In the beginning ..”

As we re-learnt our chosen professions amongst many other mind altering ideas, this amazing question came up and stunned us in to silence.

“How is this best learnt?”

As the last 12 years flashed through my mind and I’m sure (if your a teacher) that you can relate to this. I’ve spent many a day formulating curriculum for the term/year mapping out how the lessons plans are going to run, consult peers comrades and mates about what works for them and finally double check text book (Yes, text books) thinking about how I’m going to teach these objectives.

I can guess that across the country in schools of all shapes and sizes this happens on various scales and most teachers would nod there head whilst reading that


As Chuck re-read this question after a brief but somewhat deafening silence

“How is this best learnt?”

Homer couldn’t have said it better “DOH!”

A decade of planning flashed through my mind …. “DOH!”

We understood that traditional teaching methods still hold weight we have & do teach martial arts we get the Drill Method well, it has its place but, How is this best learnt? This is a powerful perspective.


It felt like the first time I climbed to the top of the Monument in Central London when I was a wee lad. We entered this narrow tower that spiraled up, up, up a long way to go nothing to see. No windows no view just the ever increasing drop as we got higher its was hot, dull and tiring. It felt like I’d been inside that tower for ages. As I reached the top and crossed through the doorway, brightness, fresh air, the distant hum of traffic and the most spectacular view I’d ever seen. I could have never imagined from the ground just how magnificent London looked.

Stay On Target

Our minds raced, an exhilarating discussions about past problems situations and comparisons yielded a powerful energy, a force if you will. We made a full turn in planning from

What am I going to teach today?” to “What are they going to learn?”

From that day forth lesson planning took on a whole new meaning with very little guidance at the time we muddled our way through seeing what did & didn’t work. It was IS hard. I do occasionally find my head in my hands thinking “How am I going to do this” then pause deep breath “How are THEY going to learn this?”

Learn By Doing

So here’s a challenge to anyone reading this if your a teacher with a class of 20+ with varied interests, a worker blue or white collar who has to train some newbie in the job you can do with your eyes closed and they can’t even wipe their own nose or most importantly a parent with a kid who can’t see the clothes strewn all over the floor. Before you loose your mind and patients take a deep breath and think

“How is this best learnt?”

Ask them what have they learnt before? How did they do it? Ask them to demonstrate something to you?

They will no doubt offer an insight in to how they comprehend stuff use that information you’ve gained rethink the magic question and then move forward. Life wont transform in an instant although that is possible it will take time t see the benefits of your change in perspective to shine through but it works. Another journey of a 1,000 things has began.

What’s Next

The profession changing question we’ve touched upon today forces us to shift focus from the teacher centric to pupil/student or as we like to say “Learner”. So this nicely leads us in to the next Blogticle 4 “Learners and Learning FIRST” and that’s how we roll.


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