Blogticle 4 – Learners and Learning FIRST

Professor Of Lego
4th November 2015
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Blogticle 4 – Learners and Learning FIRST

Blogticle 4 – Learners and Learning FIRST

The big difference that will transform education to learning is this Learners and Learning focus.

Is education a business?

Yes it is. To point out this service industry I shall use 2 comparisons. One to make an exaggerated case. The other to draw a parallel.

Coffee Shops?

After a 15 year absence from the UK, one earth shattering difference was the explosion of Coffee shops? (still confused about that thought we were a tea drinking country) The fact is something happened. Brits now believe that Espresso is superior to Darjeeling. This happened by giving the customer a stylish area to relax and enjoy a hot cup of something and tasty snacks. A fine alternative to the old dingy pubs, I guess. There is no alternative to school unless you have have the financial means to go private or home school.


Education is there to serve pupils. Pupils are the customers. Imagine going to Costa or a local coffee shop and you go and say ‘May I have a Latte, please.’ the staff say ‘No, because your clearly don’t understand. There’s a system here until you’ve learnt it, your not allowed to order what you want.’

I’m not paying for that

As a paying customer you’d be right to turn around, walk out and probably never go back.

Look elephant.

YES, we pay for education its called taxation so forget this IT’S FREE mentality. If you pay £1 for something the extra 20% isn’t free. What are we paying for ‘Your child hasn’t been discriminated against today although he did deviate from group think & were 5,036th out of 20,105. Could you make sure your child does this homework or you’ll be fined and our mediocre OFSTED rating will be in danger.’

Yes I’m sure that will no doubt upset some weak individual in some weak organization, oops did it again.

Cures and Learning

The parallel observation is the NHS. (The UK Health System). NHS is about treatment and time-tables. Give the patient/customer a once over tell them to take some Ibuprofen speak to their doctor asap and make sure they are out the door within err about not too sure lets say 120mins. Education is about safeguarding and league tables (I stated that problem in a previous paragraph) Neither system works correctly, because those in it are restricted by duties, responsibilities and obligations which are moulded by policy whims that focus the nurse, doctor, teachers etc. on the ego of certain duplicitous politicians. Go to their web pages and see what they have.

NHS. Choices your health your choice???? WTF you can choose this government system or … Regardless first you MUST got through your GP and ONLY the GP in your designated area who will give you your options. Great choice for my health, according to your rules.

Government portal for education says Schools and Education. What is a school? What is education? Go and check the definition. Decide for yourself.

Would you use a coffee shop with a slogan “Hmm – Brown water”.

NHS should be about cures.
Education should be about learning.


If you didn’t get in to an air clawing rage by now, and you want a successful business let focus on our customer, this is of course our Pupil the learner.

My Guide on the Side list of the things I mentally prepare before each session. I remember the left but do the right. It took some time to become right but after a year or 2 right is in my forethought and left is my old habit check list.

“Sage on the Stage” aka Teacher Centred


“Guide on the Side” aka Leaner Centred


Learning environments

Cover the discipline

Pupils learn how to

Students passively receive information

Students are actively involved

Consumption of information

Creators of content

Teaching and assessing are separate

Learning and assessing are intertwined

Emphasis is on right answers

Create better questions and learning from errors

You may read this and say I’m full of something or I have no idea what I’m babbling on about. Opinion is the lowest form of intelligence just above political debate, that was not opinion. Pythagoras thought it wise to keep some of his knowledge out of the minds of common man or it would be his down-fall. Galileo however opened his mouth and languished under house arrest for his ideas. I don’t expect either of these extremes but I always remember that first is ridicule, next is opposition and finally acceptance. I often get rye grins when I rock up in my Captain Kirk outfit but remember it’s not for you that I do it.
Don’t hold back speak your mind, ideas are learned from intercourse not blind acceptance or ignorance, wo;man up and discriminate.

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