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17th November 2015

Blogticle 4 – Learners and Learning FIRST

Blogticle 4 – Learners and Learning FIRST The big difference that will transform education to learning is this Learners and Learning focus. Is education a business? […]
14th April 2015

Blogticle 3 “How is this best learnt?”

Blogticle 3 “How is this best learnt?” Blogticle 1 “How we do it?” Blogticle 2 “In the beginning ..” As we re-learnt our chosen professions amongst […]
9th March 2015

The Blogticle 2 “In the beginning…”

After the first Blogticle I was thinking AGAIN, before I get in to the big questions, I think I’d better start at the beginning and not […]
23rd February 2015

The Blogticle 1

The Blogticle “How Do We Do It?” During a discussion the other day, I was telling a friend about my work (he asked) and I said […]
15th December 2014

What’s in it for …..

LAST MINUTE HELP NEEDED. 21st December at Unipart House a demonstration of learning’s best laid plan needs a backup plan. This is the backup plan a […]
17th November 2014

Robo Sumo RULES

 Sumo Tournament Rules To view and or download the full set of rules please click this link below   ROBOT SUMO TOURNAMENT RULES (21dec14)
6th November 2014

Santa Sumo Sleigh Tournament Announcement

Captains Log Stardate 201411.5 as the end of the warm spell cools off to frosty mornings the enterprise Robotscool is entering the final stretch for 2014 […]